Ukrainian Church

In 1886, the Austro-Hungarian authorities settled Poles and Ukrainiansto the territory of the Laktaši municipality, mostly from Galicia and Bukovina. In 1901, two people built a church for religious services of PolishRoman Catholics and Ukrainian Greek Catholics, until the moment when this sacred temple became too small, so the Ukrainians decided to build their own church in the village of Devetina.

The church was built in 1938, and the fact that at that time it was built in just three years, it speaks of the strong will and the desire of the people to have something of their own. This temple is a place where the local Ukrainian population keeps its culture and tradition, but it is also the main place for all Ukrainians from the former Yugoslavia.

The church is located in a beautiful 100-year-old oak forest, and a special curiosity in front of the church are stone rocks that are believed to have healing effects, so this place from year to year is becoming more and more visited, forboth the church and the rocks.

For years, in the framework of the "Laktaškoljeto" event, "Červonkalena" is held in front of the church, a festival of the Ukrainian cultural and artistic creativity. On that occasion, numerous associations of citizens from Bosnia and neighboring countries gather in Devetina, and visitors enjoy their temperamental games and songs.


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