The Lost City of Balkis

TThe remains of the early-Byzantine lost city of Balkis from the 4th century are located in the village of Bakinci, the municipality of Laktasi.

The city was damaged in 597 in the invasion of the Slavic military commander Bajan. Then, on the road from Servicium (Gradiska) towards Salona (Solin), over 40 guardhousesand refuges were destroyed, along with the mentioned city, where the population of these regions was badly injured.

The city is surroundedwith defensive walls of about 480 meters in length, about 1.5 meters in thickness, while the walls in some places are preserved up to a height of four meters. As part of this complex, a medieval Karaula fortress was found.

The complex covers over 100,000 m² and objects for various purposes were found in it. East and southeast of the fortifications, three early Byzantine basilicas were found and researched, which in the period from the 4th to the 7th century were the center of the church life of the northern part of Bosnia.

After restauration and tourist valorization, this archaeological site will have a great chance to become one of the most visited tourist destinations in the surrounding area.


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