Temple of the Most Holy Mother of God

The construction of the Temple of the Blessed Virgin Mary began in 1992, and was greeted by His Holiness the Serbianpatriarch Pavle. War events in the territory of the former Yugoslavia halted the construction of the temple which continued in 1997 when the parish of Laktaši was re-established by the decision of Bishop Jefrem.

The magnificent temple in the center of Laktaši, built in 2007, is one of the largest in the wider area and is one of the most beautiful Orthodox shrines built in recent times. The dome of the temple is 26 meters high and the bell tower dominates the entire area, which rises to a height of 40 meters. In the interior of the temple, attention is attracted by a large iconostasis with 66 high quality icons and thronesmade of oak tree with a woodcutthat passes through wood in many places, so the interior of the altar space,which is also monumental in scale, can be seen.

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