In the north of the Republic of Srpska, or northwest of Bosnia and Herzegovina, forty kilometers from the border with Croatia, there is the municipality of Laktasi, with about 38,000 inhabitants. The seat of the municipality is the town Laktasi, with about five thousand inhabitants, and the larger settlements are Trn, Slatina, Aleksandrovac and Kriškovci. From Banja Luka, the cultural and administrative center of the Republic of Srpska, Laktasi are 20 kilometers away.

Laktasi are at an average altitude of 125 meters. The Vrbas River passes through the municipality of Laktasi, which divides it into two parts. The Župa part is located on the right bank of the Vrbas and on the left side is Lijevče-Potkozarje part.

Due to their geographical location, Laktasi have always been well connected to the roads connecting the western Europe with the Adriatic Sea. Through the territory of today's Laktasi, as early as the era of the Romans, one of the main roads from the Adriatic Sea to the Sava and Pannonia rivers passed through, connecting Salona (Solin near Split) and Servitium (Gradiška), where it was connected to the main road Siscia (Sisak) - Sirmium (Sremska Mitrovica). The main road M-16 passes through Laktasi and, on quite a number of places, coincides with the former Roman road. Laktasi are in the present time a transit area intersected by freeways. The airport of Banja Luka, which is only 3 km away from the city center, has great significance for the connection of the municipality of Laktasi with European metropolises.

In addition to a favorable geo-strategic position, Laktasi can boast of enormous natural wealth. The mild and pleasant climate, fertile soil, forests, rich hydrographic network are just some of the reasons why Laktasi had been settled in prehistoric times. However, what made Laktasi become widely known are thermo-mineral sources. Out of a total of nine spas in the Republic of Srpska, there are two in Laktasi, Spa Laktasi and Spa Slatina, known for its miraculous healing and beneficial effects on human organism.

Nowadays, the main roads leading to Laktasi are the main road M-16 and the road Gradiška-Banja Luka. Using these road directions, Laktasi are only thirty kilometers north connected with the Zagreb-Belgrade highway and other important international routes.

Another important roadway running through Laktasi is the highway "9th of January", which can be used to quickly and easily reach Doboj.



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