'Laktaška zima'

The event "Laktaška zima" is held in the last week of  December and the first week of January.

During the event, in the central square in Laktaši, which is specially decorated for this occasion, an ethno market with exhibition stalnds is opened, where visitors have the opportunity to buy various New Year and Christmas gifts, souvenirs and similar handmade items.

The festive atmosphere is complemented by an interesting cultural and entertainment program, intended for children and adults. In addition to the ceremonial opening of the event, one of the more interesting events is certainly "Pre New Year's Eve party", where besides the musical part of the program, there is a tasting of indigenous food and drinks for all participants. Among other things, we highlight the children's New Year, the humanitarian Zumba Evening, and the traditional manifestations such as the Annual concert of CAS "Slavko Mandic", the selection of an athlete of the year of the municipality of Laktasi, the Library Day, etc.

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