„Laktaško ljeto“

 „Laktaško ljeto“ is a central summer event, whose rich cultural, entertainment and sports contents in the Laktaši municipality last for more than a month.

The manifestation is organized by the Laktaši Tourist Organization in cooperation with associations and institutions operating in the area of ​​sports and culture in the municipality.

Within the event, several traditional sports competitions such as "Streetball", "Laktaška regata" and "Debeli-Mršavi" matches are held every year, whose tradition is longer than 45 years. The inevitable events are also the days of national minorities, the Ukrainian "Cervona kalena" in Devetina and the "Slovenians Day" in Slatina. A lot of visitors are attracted to "Moto Meetings", "Folklore Festival", "Štraparijada", and "International Festival of Amateur Theater" and the organizers are trying to adapt the contents of "Laktaško leto"  to all tastes and generations.

Over the course of 12 years, how long it has been held, "Laktaško leto" has been magnified by numerous stars, famous actors, writers and other interesting personalities.

The quality of the "Laktaško ljeto" is best described by the "Great Gold Medal" award won by this event at the International Tourism Fair in Novi Sad in 2012, but also by an increasing number of visitors.

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