Spa Laktaši

The health and tourist complex "Terme Laktaši" is located in the city center. The complex was built right next to the famous spa Laktaši, whose healing properties were known even in Roman times, if not earlier. In the complex "Terme Laktaši" there is spaLaktaši, that is, "Biserni izvor", hotel "San" and outdoor swimming pool.

Spa Laktaši is ideal for the treatment of diseases of the locomotor system, cardiovascular diseases, eye diseases, nervous disorders, treatment of geriatric diseases, as well as for recreation and tourist purposes.

Medicinal bath Spa Laktaši is a homeotherma, witha temperature of up to 31 degrees. The physical chemical composition of the water proves that spaLaktaši is one of the best and most luxurious spas in Europe, therefore it is not surprising that in Laktaši patients from all over the worldsoughtcure.

What makes the story of the miraculous Laktaši water even more interesting is a few miraculous healings. Namely, cases of the most serious illnesses that were observed in patients after bathing in the medicinal water of spa Laktasi disappeared completely, despite the predictions of doctors who considered such difficult conditions as incurable.

One of the reasons for the holiday in Terme Laktaši are numerous extra-spa facilities for guests who come for vacation and recreation, and to whom treatment is not a priority.

In the wellness center of the San Hotel, guests have an indoor swimming pool filled with thermomineral water, witha temperature of 28 degrees, Finnish and infrared sauna, warm-cold showers and several types of massages. As part of the wellness center, guests can also enjoy at the wellness bar with greatoffer of food and beverages.

During the summer season, a special attraction for tourists as well as for the domicile population, is the complex of outdoor swimming pools that are also filled with warm thermal water. It is characterized by a high level of equipment and numerous accompanying facilities, such as a children's pool with slides, waterfalls, rapids and many others.

  The history of the spa

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