Culture and tradition


Cultural-Artistic Association "Slavko Mandić" from Laktaši has been preserving and promoting the culture of folklore and national creation of this region for 30 years. In addition to the results on the international scene, their performances and concerts in Laktasi are always a real attraction. They have a large number of folk costumes and the reconstruction of the folk costume of the Lijevče fields is done according to the original parts collected by field research.

However, the love for the tradition and culture of its people in Laktasi is also shown by institutions and individuals. In order to preserve old crafts, the Laktaši Tourist Organization has implemented the project “Opančarstvo”, thanks to which a free training for the production of traditional footwear- opanci was held for the interested participants. After that, the Municipality of Laktasi supported the establishment of the domestic work "Kopča", specializing in making footwear-opanci as well as folk costumes. How popular are products made in "Kopča" tells the fact that they are sold and distributed to all continents.

Throughout the world, culture and tradition of Laktasi region, through music represents one of the highest quality and most wanted ethnic groups in the region, the ethno group "Trag". The group "Trag" is made up of top musicians from the Republic of Srpska and their mission is to find and choose the most beautiful traditional folk songs, to make them live in their arrangement, to breathe in the spirit of their generation and to imprint their personal, creative seal.

In the municipality of Laktasi, it is still possible to see some examples of old forms of construction that are hundreds of years old. Old rigged houses and even a few log cabins, dairies, barns, kosana and other accompanying objects are real valuables and rarities that testify to folk construction in this region.

In some rural households, copies of old things, tools, furniture, old costumes and other antiques are carefully preserved. Some households have real small family museums.

At the local rivers and streams, several old watermills are preserved, which simply capture attention not only by their interesting architecture, but also by the remarkable relaxing ambiences in which they are located. Most of them are still in use.

Traditional dishes and drinks are served in many catering facilities.

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