Healing rocks in Devetini

In the Laktaši village Devetina, in front of the Ukrainian, Greek-Catholic Church, in the beautiful 100-year-old oak forest, there are eight stone boulders. The ninth is a few kilometers away and the legend says that it was thrown by Marko Kraljević, passing through this place. Stone rocks from Devetina, are increasingly believed to be healing. They are also several tonnes heavy, and according to some interpretations, Devetina was named after them. Some scientists believe that the rocks in Devetina represent the remains of an ancient temple.

In the last few years, a large number of visitors has traveled a long way to this village, a distance of a kilometer and a half from Hrvaćani, in order to be convinced of an unusual natural phenomenon. There is a belief that every stone helps to eliminate various health problems, from asthma, sciatica, migraine, etc...

In “Laktaški small Stonehenge”, as some call this place, Russian bioenergist Ljudmila Osipova has been coming for years, claiming that the proximity of this large rock causes strong vibrations as she has never felt.

The locals of this village warmly welcome the guests and patiently explain to them the wealth they have. The strongest satisfaction is experienced when someone tells them that the rocks  helpedthem in healing.

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