„Crkva brvnara“ from the 18th century

„Crkva brvnara“, a state-protected building, is the most important monument of culture of the people of this region. An authentic look and perfect architectural harmony, as well as numerous stories and legends related to this church, make it especially interesting. Around the church there is a cemetery where eight stećak monumentswere found, and according to that, it is assumed that the church is older than 1745, which is considered to be the year of construction.

It is situated on a hill in an extraordinary forest ambience, only a kilometer and a half from Slatina in the village of Malo Blaško. Located in a beautiful forest setting, it is often the destination of walkers, locals and visitors to spaSlatina. This old church is dedicated to the Birth of the Holy Virgin. There are various stories about the origin of this church, since at that time, during the Turkish rule, there was a ban on the construction of Orthodox shrines.

The church building is very interesting because of its simplicity. Namely, in the area of only twenty-eight square meters, there is the altar,the middle section (nave) and the choir above it.

The interior is richly painted, and among the numerous icons that are the works of local icon painters from the second half of the 19th century, the carved emperor doors, "Vjerskavrata," stand out.

For this, like many other wooden houses that are today encompassed by the diocese of Banja Luka, a legend is linked to the miraculous movement of the church from place to place. According to it, the peasants moved the church during the night because the Turks would desecrate it by entering on their horses when werecaught by the storm, and they reported to the Pasha that the church moved itself to another place.


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