Sport facilities

In almost every part of Laktaši Municipality there is at least one sport facility, along the river banks, brooks, next to forests, on grassy areas or in parks. During summer months various sport competitions are held on these terrains, first of all in football, basketball, and the same terrains offer good spots for rest, barbecue, bathing and other forms of recreation.

Among the facilities used for professional sport and professional team preparation, several football stadiums are exceptional:

    * stadium in Laktaši, FC “Laktaši”,
    * stadium in Trn, FC “Sloga”,
    * stadium in Milosavci, FC “Župa”,
    * stadium in Maglajani, FC “Borac”,
    * stadium in Mrčevcima, FC “Tamaris”,
    * stadium in Aleksandrovac, FC “Potkozarje”.

Besides football, basketball is a very popular sport in this region; basketball players can train in a few small school gyms, outdoor playgrounds but also in a newly constructed gym:

Sport centre “Nenad Baštinac” in Aleksandrovac belonging to the basketball club “Igokea”.

A tournament in basketball is organised at the main square in Laktaši every year.
Volleyball players can train in a park in Slatina,

People who go in for judo can join a judo club, either “Policajac” or “San”. Both clubs achieve significant results at international scene and have their own premises.