An advantage of Laktaši town is its geographical position so that visitors can enjoy various attractions going on one day trips.

* Rafting and kayak

Adventurous people can go in for rafting and kayaking in canyons of the river

Vrbas, which is the best river in Europe for kayaking on rapid water as well as for other water sports. Visitors can go sightseeing around Banja Luka city, the biggest industrial and cultural centre of the Republic of Srpska.

Rafting club “Kanjon” from Banja Luka offers four rafting paths:

  • 5 km – medieval town Zvečej
  • 11 km – Ada
  • 14 km – Krupa na Vrbasu
  • 21 km – Bijeli buk
    Rafting club “Kanjon”:

    * Kozara

    Very attractive are trips to the National park Kozara, the beauty of Krajina, and

    the memorial centre Mrakovica, testimony of sufferings people from Krajina experienced in the Second World War. The Republic of Srpska Government Residence is on the mountain Kozara, former “Tito’s” villa. Untouched nature, clear air, skiing facilities in winter, ski lift and skiing paths, bungalows are all offered to those who visit this unique mountain.

    Nacionali park Kozara:

    * Old church

If you go on a trip to Slatina, there will be a tourist guide to take you to the Church brvnara (wooden church) made in the shape of “march” at the length of 2,5 km, then to Slatina Spa where you can enjoy rich entertainment and sport programme and lunch in the restaurant “Park”.

* Monasteries and cultural – historical monuments


Tourists are offered four day trips to visit churches, monasteries and cultural – historical monuments with a tourist guide. This programme includes visits to:
  • monasteries: Moštanica, Gomionica, Krupa, Stuplje and Liplje;
  • churches: Holly Trinity Temple in Banja Luka, Old wooden churches in Romanovci, Omarska, Palačkovci and Malo Blaško, monastery “Marija zvijezda”, Trapisti;
  • spas: Laktaši, Slatina, Kulaši (Prnjavor), Vrućica(Teslić), Mlječanica (Dubica)
  • monuments: monument – Banj brdo (Šehitluci), fortress “Kastel” dating back from Roman – Turkish period;
  • The Republic of Srpska Museum, National Park “Kozara”, ecological centre “Ljekarice” etc.