Slatina spa

Slatina Spa is situated in a tourist place bearing the same name, twelve kilometres towards the south from the centre of Laktaši, at 206 m above sea level. Main characteristics of the place are clear air, abundant springs of thermal/mineral water reaching the temperature of 420C and springs of drinkable water known under the name “Kiseljaci”. Slatina is one remote, not polluted by any industry and a quiet tourist resort with long tradition in spa and tourism. The place itself has the nickname Ilidža, a Turkish word for a spa and a thermal spring in general.


Spa is currently a part of the institute for rehabilitation “Dr Miroslav Zotović” so that visitors to the spa have an entire medical treatment available comprising a set of various forms of therapy under the control of professional medical staff. Within the spa premises there are two indoor pools and 12 baths that are available to visitors every day from May to October. In winter time, one pool and two baths are open in the hospital premises for hydro massage.

Besides rehabilitation, visitors are offered various possibilities for recreation comprising sport activities (volley ball outdoor, table tennis, basket ball…etc.), walking through nature, visits to historical monuments, hunting, fishing and the like.

In terms of accommodation capacities, the Spa offers 330 beds in five separate buildings, whereas visitors have the hotel Slatina with modern equipment and 58 beds, as well as over 200 beds in private accommodation.


Slatinska 11, 78000 Banja Luka
+387 51 348 444 ; +387 51 587 220. ;