Laktaši spa

In the middle of a field, next to a small town, hot mineral water comes out as rich in radon and other minerals as few other spas in our countries as well as in Europe are. Laktaši Spa is situated in a quiet and attractive natural ambient, surrounded by green area, trees and other park vegetation. It has a long tradition in using thermal water whereas tourists and visitors can have full medical treatment covering a set of therapeutic procedures conducted by professional and highly educated staff. In its facilities Laktaši Spa offers two indoor pools and five baths and patients have the opportunity to have a bath in a spring which is in one of the pools.

Complex of Laktasi Spa, in which there is hotel "San" has two swimming pool and five bathtub. Patients can have bath on the spring of Laktasi Spa and another pool, in the hotel “San” and is used more for recreation than for medical purposes. Besides having a bath in the pools, visitors are offered other facilities such as a restaurant, bar, congress halls and so on included in their full board.






Karađorđeva 44, Laktaši
 + 387 (0)51 532 256 ; + 387 (0)51 533 043
, + 387 (0)51 530 392