Where is the town of Laktaši?

In the north of the Republic of Srpska, namely on the north-west of Bosnia and Herzegovina, some forty kilometres far from the Croatian border is the Municipality of Laktaši. The Municipality seat is in the small town Laktaši, having a few thousand inhabitants, industrial and cultural centre of the Municipality, whereas other smaller places are Trn, Slatina, Aleksandrovac and Kriškovci. The Municipality spreads over the sides of the river Vrbas, downstream from Banja Luka, covering an area of about 400 km², with an average height of 125 m above sea level.

Most of the area on the left bank of the river Vrbas lies on the slopes and hills of the mountain Kozara, except for a narrow flat area along the river Vrbas and the small river Bukovica from Zalužani to the town of Laktaši, comprising Jablansko, Trnsko, Glamočansko and Jakupovačko fields. Lijevče plane is created and spreads wide over the area from Laktaši, all the way to the river Sava, between the river Vrbas and the area of Potkozarje, in the shape of a funnel. Most of the area on the right bank of the river Vrbas which is called Župa is covered by slopes and hills of the mountain Crni vrh, apart from the narrow area along the river Vrbas from the village Šušnjari to Šeškovci and the river valleys of Turjanice and Crkvena which cut this terrain.

Due to its geographical position, Laktaši has always been well connected by traffic lines, connecting Western Europe to the Adriatic Sea. One of the main roads from the Adriatic Sea towards the river Sava and Panonia that was connecting ancient Salona (Solin near Split) and Servitium (Gradiška) where it was connected to the main road Siscia (Sisak) – Sirmium (Sremska Mitrovica) went through the area of Laktaši as it is these days in the time of Romans. It is very easy to get to Laktaši nowadays following the main road M 16, which at many spots runs the same route as the Roman road, which is the main traffic line in this region. This road connects the territory of Laktaši to important international traffic routes only thirty kilometres towards the north, along the river Sava and the highway Zagreb – Belgrade. On the other hand, the same road, some twenty kilometres towards the south, Laktaši is connected to a major industrial and cultural centre in the Republic of Srpska – the city of Banja Luka.

Another important road route splits in the place of Klašnice, three kilometres south of Laktaši, leading towards the east towards Prnjavor and connects Krajina, Posavina and Semberija to Serbia and Montenegro.

Banja Luka airport which is only 3 km far from the centre of Laktaši, has a great importance for the connectivity of the Municipality of Laktaši to neighbouring and other countries. The airport was constructed in 1984 and 1998 opened for international public traffic.

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