City Laktaši

Town Laktasi is beautiful and orderlined area with approximately 5000 residents, administrative and cultural Municipal center.

Besides its beautie, orderness and economy prosperity, it is recognised after famous termal and mineral water center situated in town center.

Ever since anxcient history, Mineral and termal water center Laktasi attracted even our noneducated predecessors by healthy effect of its water sources.            

Eye diseases, skin diseases, stomacakes, neuroses, hart and vein
diseases and link problems are most frequent diseases treated in
this termal center.

Baths, massages, work outs, and other fisical treatments are beeing performed within termal center facility and in Hotel San which is within termal center complex.

Beside sick ones, this center is visited by healthy people who come here for recreation and revitalization and chronic tiredness treatment, stress, bad memory and concentration treatment.

During summer season, besides two indoor ones there is newly built outdoor swiming pools with termal mineral water with temperature of 30,4°