Sports facilities

Swimming pools in the town

For several years, many visitors come to Laktasi because of its swimming pools.

A modern outdoor pool which is near Laktasi spa has many visitors during summer season. Beside the pool for adult, there is a pool for children, picnic desks and etc.

The indoor pool is within Hotel ‘’San”’ and it is always open for visitors. The visitors can also use sauna and gym

Outdoor pool, phone: +387 (0)51 530 223
Indoor pool, phone: +387 (0)51 532 256

Laktasi Sports Hall

There are a lot of sport events and facilities in Laktasi municipality providing opportunities for professional and recreational participation in various sports. The recently opened Sports Hall with 6.500 m² and seating capacity 3026, also known as the temple of sport, is one the most beautiful and biggest sport venues in the region.
Thanks tothis, Laktasi became one of the most attractive sport centers in the region. The most attractive European basketball teams playing in this hall, and many other events of high interest taking place in Laktasi Sports Hall are the facts that speak for themselves.

+387 51 535 305; 535-135