What is the best way to get to Laktasi?

The simplest and best way is by plane, bearing in mind the fact the Banjaluka airport is only 3km

away from Laktasi downtown. The solid transport infrastructure makes possible for tourists and

other visitors to reach Laktasi quickly qnd safely. If you choose to use your car to get to Laktasi,

please follow this directions:


From Belgrade-Zagreb direction


• leave Highway E-70, get to the border crossing Gradiska

• then follow the new Highway E-661

• at Mahovljani Junction leave E-661 Highway and get to Lakatsi


Heading from Belgrade via the corridor


• when you get to Pavlovica most or Raca border crossing, follow the route Bijeljina-Doboj-

Prnjavor-Klasnice.Once you reach ‘’Most pobjede’’ bridge turn right and you are almost there.


Heading from Montenegro, Sarajevo, Mostar


Option no.1

• Montenegro, Sarajevo, Mostar, Zenica, Travnik, Jajce, Mrkonjić Grad, Banja Luka, Laktasi

Option no. 2

• Zenica, Doboj, Derventa, Prnjavor, Klašnice, Laktaši.


Heading from Bihac, Novi Grad


• Bihać, Bosanska Krupa, Novi Grad, Prijedor, Laktasi.


Bus is also convenient way to get to Laktasi since Banjaluka is well connected with other

European cities.Buses from Zagreb and Belgrade get to Laktasi several times a day.