Organic food

„ BELADONNA“ Laktaši

The main activity of "Belladonna" is the production of healthy food, juices and syrups made ​​from wild fruit."Belladonna" annually buy 70 tons of berries, that processing of 30,000 to 40,000 gallons of completely natural juices. In production we use only wild plants and fruits, which grow in clean, unpolluted areas, far away from industrial areas and main roads. The most popular product of the company is the wine of wild blackberries, which retail costs about four euros. In addition to wine, "Belladonna" real natural juices of cornelian, called, blueberry vinegar from wild apple, nettle juice, and pickle of berries. For its products, the company "Belladonna" has received numerous awards and honors.

Person to contact: Dušan Rodić
tel: +387 (0) 51 532 373
cell: +387 (0) 65 567 890; 065 528-514
address: Malo Blaško bb, 78250 Laktaši, Republika Srpska, BiH

„KAP PO KAP“ Laktaši

The main activity of the company "Kap po kap/Drop by Drop" is the drive for the purchase and processing of agricultural and forest fruits. The most famous product of the company's famous "chestnut puree" and the other products include syrup and ginger liqueur, syrup, cranberries, raspberries, cherries, called, peppered mint and sprouts of all grains.

Person to contact:  Darko Đudurović
tel: 051/530-726
cell: 065/514-802
e-mail :
address:  Mahovljani bb, 78250 Laktaši, Republika Srpska, BiH