Hunting , Fishing and Water adventure


Hunting area in Laktasi municipality managed by Hunters Association Kozara is a favourite destination for many hunters in the country and region. The species that are hunted in Laktasi area include rabbits, pheasants, deer and partridge.Thanks to river Vrbas and tributaries, there are a lot of Charadriiformes, especially mallard and wild goose. During the summer, common quail, pigeons and turtle dove are hunted in the lowland area. Recently, there are a lot of predators like fox, otter, skunk, badger and wolf. The hunting area is properly marked with signs and signposts are placed at main entrances.

Hunting Association “Kozara”, tel: 051 532 398



Thanks to rich hydrographic network in Laktasi area, fishermen may enjoy angling in rivers and lakes.Our waters abound with fish as grass carp, chub, common nase, silver pomfret, barbell, catfish and many other types.All angling methods are used, usually on Vrbas and Turjanica river.Fishermen in the area prefer ‘’Staraca’’, part of old Vrbas river bed, in the vicinity of Laktasi downtown.Fisheries in Laktasi area are managed by Sport Fishing Association ‘’Vrbas’’ Laktasi.

Fishing Association „Vrbas“ Laktasi, tel: 051 532 112, 066/916-048

Water adventure


The River Vrbas which flows through Laktasi was the place where Rafting European and World Championships took place and this area gives opportunity to water sport fans to enjoy and experience unforgettable moments. Diving club ‘’Gnjurac’’ from Laktasi offers diving lessons as well as organizing rafting on the river Vrbas.The club owns cutting – edge equipment for diving and rafting and several members are licenced skippers. Very interesting options for divers are winter diving and diving under ice.

Diving club "Gnjurac", tel: 065/ 538 841