Premium Wines of Laktasi

Winery „Djukić“ Slatina Not far from Laktaši, by means of healing springs and tradition poured into glasses there comes wine from Slatina hills. Wine cellar Đukić is a small one and is situated  12 km far from Banja Luka. It was set up in 2004 and has been developing ever since, turning into a vineyard of 2 hectares. It is spread on the southwest slopes, ideally positioned, thus exposed to the sun all day long.

Tel: +387 (0) 65 610 140

Winery Bona Ventura Vineyard covers 9 hectares planted with 20.000 grapevines Cabernet sauvignon. Grapes are produced in wine which is very good taken care of skillful and experienced winemakers in their own winery in Mahovljani, with present capacity of 550 hl. Banja Luka diocese wanted to contribute in revival of ceased wine-growing and wine industry, therefore, in 2003 they set up a vineyard "Bona Ventura" on their own estate in Mahovljani (Laktaši). Since 2007 a farming cooperative "Wine cellar Banja Luka diocese" have taken care of vineyards. The project of vineyards was done by the experts of famous canteen " La Vis "from Trento in Italy, and their experts have given comprehensive wine-growing and wine-producing help ever since.

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Cell phone: +387 (0) 65 092 107  


Winery Popovic, Trn The most famous wine-grower from Laktaši, Mr. Bogoljub Popović, with the blessing of the priest Slobodan Vrhovac, started cutting in his vineyard. He has always stuck to the rule – measure three times, and then carefully cut! He is considered to be a doyen among wine-growers in the region of Laktaši. This 70-year-old man has spent decades in vineyards. Therefore, when conversation starts, a story has no end. It is not unusual because Popović family have been raising grapes for over 200 years. However, it is interesting that during past ten years Bogoljub Popović has been raising grapes in Trn, near Laktaši, where he was sent away from Croatia, in an action "Storm" (Oluja), just before grape harvest in his vineyard, in Čista Mala, near Šibenik in Croatia.

" No one has ever raised grapes or produced wine here. People kept talking I was insane trying to set up Dalmatian vineyard in lowlands in Trn. However, my "rkaciteli", "moldavia", "rajnski reisling", "shardone" and "game" have given 4.000 l of wine for several years. Even my great-grandfather couldn't imagine his life without vineyards and grapes. I often say that if I hadn't been born in a vineyard, then I had certainly been grown up there." – said Mr. Popović.

Tel: +387 (0) 51 584 819
Cell: +387 (0) 65 866 217

Wine "Aleksini vinogradi"

Winery and Vineyards "Aleksini vinogradi" is located in the village of Slatina, Babic hill. The production of this wine has a ten-year tradition. Since 2009. year, high-quality varieties of this wine are starting to win more and more awards.