Healing slabs in Devetina

In the churchyard of Ukrainian church in Laktasi village Devetina, shaded by 100 year oak forest, there are eight stone slabs each weighs several tonnes. The ninth is several miles away and the legend says that Marko Kraljevic himself threw it away when he visited this region. These unusal stone slabs from Devetina are believed to have healing effects and that each one is helpful in abating some medical disorders. Russian bioenergy healer Ludmila Osipova has been coming to ‘’Laktasi Little Stonehenge’’, as some call this place, who argues that she has felt vibrations so strong in the vicinity of these slabs as she has never felt before. According to some views, Devetina owes its name to them, and some scientists believe these slabs to be remains of a ancient temple. In the last few years , quite a number of visitors travels a long way to this village, one mile west of Hrvacani, to witness this natural phenomenon.