Towns – Partners

Budva – Montenegro

The district Laktaši nurtures very close relationship with the town Budva in Montenegro, and they signed the Charter of fraternization. The special stress of the mutual cooperation between Budva and Laktaši is put in the sphere of culture and sports where both parties are interested in undertaking mutual activities in order to improve friendly relationship

The district Čajetina – Serbia

A brotherly cooperation between the districts Laktaši and Čajetina started by signing of the Charter of fraternization in June 2009. Since then, the two districts have developed a good mutual relationship; they have promoted economic cooperation and they have exchanged experiences in all spheres of public life.

Zrenjanin – Serbia

By the agreement on cooperation between the district Laktaši and the town Zrenjanin, Laktaši got one more partner in the sphere of local self-government, economy, trade, tourism, culture, education, sport and other spheres of public life.

The town Seiersberg – Austria

Establishing and developing friendly relationship and mutual cooperation, the district Laktaši has had a very good cooperation with the town Seiersberg in Austria, with the aim of promoting economic, technological and scientific development, infrastructure, cultural and .artistic creativity.

The town Veria – Greece

Negotiations about fraternization and continuance of mutual cooperation between the district Laktaši and the town Veria are in process.