Private accommodation

Accommodation capacities of the private sector are more than 200 beds, first of all in Slatina, in the vicinity of the Spa bearing the same name. Guests are offered double rooms and rooms with three beds mostly along with the possibility to use kitchens and dining rooms. Accommodation in the private sector in Slatina has long tradition and guests can have a bed at very low prices which is between three and four euro per night.

Information and booking at the number: +387 51 533 269 (Tourist Organisation Laktaši).


Overnight stay “Miran san”

The overnightstay “Miran san” is situated in the downtown Laktasi, in Petar Kocic street.This is private property accommodation with more rooms and  the seperate entrance and kitchen is also available.

tel: 051 533-120  (Family Komjanic).

Overnight stay "Tihe noci"

Overnight stay "Tihe noci" is situated 250 meters from the center of Laktasi. Overnight rates is 10 euros per person and if the customer stays for a long time, the price is negotiable.

Information and reservations by phone +387 (0) 65 786 227 (Mr. Tomislav Sukalo).


Mr. Trivo Maric (tel. 066/499-113)